LONDON COLLEGE OF ST LAWRENCE (Number 1 in UCE 2013 and 2014 results)

Sponsored by our friends in London, UK, London college is a special institution of high quality learning meticulously designed to give a unique flavor to the current Ugandan education system. It is just a five minutes drive from Creamland campus of St Lawrence, along Masaka Road. London college is located on a 60 acre piece of land with s spectacular view from Trans-African High way.

The Palm Gardens of Transparency provide an exceptionally beautifully orchard for students to relax in their free time, besides the trees providing shade, they form an orchard of all sorts of fruit trees like mangoes, oranges, jackfruits, ovacodos, apples etc such a friendly atmosphere!!!

All students of O and A Level sleep in living rooms of two beds each with a lockable door and ceiling. The shower rooms are lined with tiles and running water is readily available. A laundry room is found in every house ie Brixton Palace for boys and Queens Palace for girls. This is storeyed.

The classrooms, computer laboratories, science Laboratories and Library are all modern and with simple facilities.

In their free time students play indoor games of their choice and a variety of outdoor games with plenty of facilities. Some may use a projector screen or pool tables. All these enable students to fully relax and get ready for academic work later.


Counselling services: The student counselors provide a professional and free confidential service and can be consulted by appointment or on a walk in basis. There are also several members of the academic staff who a student may consult in confidence.