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Tuition Fees:  UGX 1,600,000
Admission fee: UGX 100,000

Submit physical or online, A fully filled admission form duly signed by the parent / guardian and student with the following photographs glued on.

·       One recent passport size photo of the student

·       One recent passport size photo of father, mother or guardian each glued on the form.


1. A flat iron (electric only)                                                2. Pillow, bedsheets, blankets and bedcover                   3. Mattresses are provided by the school

4. A mosquito net                                                            5. A torch with three sets of spare cells                              6. Bathroom slippers, night dress/pajamas/ boxer

7. Toilet paper roles, a towel                                        8. A washing basin & 20 liters jerry can                              9. Enough washing and bathing soap

10. A lockable box or suitcase                                       11.Table spoon, knife, fork, plate and tea cup                    12. Toothbrush and paste

13. Five white hankies                                                   14. Swimming costume/ swim suit                                     15. Wrist watch

16. Two black/ blue jean trouser for preps                     17. White/black converse shoes for sports                        18. Bible or Quran

For O-level, 13 branded hard cover books for notes to be purchased at school on arrival at 7,000/=  each.

For A-level 10branded hard cover books for notes to be purchased at school on arrival at 7,000/= each.

NB: All the items must be marked in indelible ink. 

Please attach all necessary documents and files before you submit your online application.